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    Municipal and National Competitions

  • International Student Association (ISA)

    Always by your side


    The International Student Association (ISA) is made up of international students and represents the interests of DHU international students.


    ISA welcomes you on campus, settles you in, entertains you, supports you and makes sure you have an amazing time while studying here in Shanghai, China.

  • Clubs

    Welcome to join iArt (Performing Art Troupe), iTeach (volunteer teaching), sports and recreational clubs.

    iArt-Chamber Choir

    iArt-Dance Team

    iArt-Vocal Team

    iTeach Volunteer

    Dragon Boat Club

    Football Club

    Basketball Club

    Table Tennis Club

    Taichi Club

    CrossFit Club

    Street Dance Club

    Photography Club

    Yoga Club

    Afro Beats Club

    Chinese Folk Art Club

  • Events

    in September

    Welcome new international students from all four corners of the world.

    in October

    International Cultural Festival is a small 'World Expo' on campus, which is held in turn with Chinese Cultural Festival every year.

    in November

    Students must learn to find designated spots on the map with compass in the competition.

    in November

    There are different forms of competition every year. The winner will be the Mr. or Ms. China Hand this year.

    in December

    A zenith brings great joy and happiness to all teachers and students.

    in each semester

    Several language excursions in each semester are organized to distinctive natural and cultural spots away from Shanghai.

    in April

    Let's enjoy the fun of Tug-of-War, Rope Skipping, etc. in the 'Teng Long Cup' Sports Day.

    in May

    'Experience China - Silk Town Culture Program' is sponsored by China Scholarship Council.

    in June

    In the 'Phoenix Cup' Talent Competition, we sing, we dance, we've got talented !

  • Municipal and National Competitions

    Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

    We won 2nd prize in the 10th competition in 2017, 4th in the 11th competition in 2018 and 3rd in the 12th competition in 2019.

    Hosted by China Association for International Education and Donghua University

    We won 1st prize in the 1st competition in 2016 and 2nd prize in the 2nd competition in 2018.

    Sponsored by the Ministry of Education

    We won 5th prize in the 1st competition in 2013, 2nd prize in the 2nd competition in 2016 and 7th in the 3rd competition in 2018.

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