• English-taught Master's Programs in Engineering

    9 Programs in Textile, Material, Chemistry, Dyeing & Finishing, Environmental, Optical, Computer, Information & Electrical Engineering.

  • Why DHU

    Academic Excellence

    The engineering related discipline of Donghua University (DHU) in ARWU ranking is among the Best 150. Research achievements have found applications in the fields of aviation and aerospace, military, construction, environmental protection, new materials, etc.

    Scholarships Opportunities

    DHU has been appointed to accept international students either with Chinese Government Scholarship or Shanghai Government Scholarship. Besides, DHU sets up scholarships to encourage excellent enrolled students.

    Talents Cultivation

    DHU is committed to developing interdisciplinary talents with solid theoretical foundation in their study fields and broad international perspectives, also puts efforts to enable students to embrace the Chinese culture and society and become talents with multicultural background.

  • Programs

    Textile Engineering

    College of Textile Science

    During all the national disciplines assessment organized by the Ministry of Education, the discipline of Textile Science and Engineering is ranked first for years. It is also selected as the "world class" construction subject in Sept., 2017.

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    Material Procession Engineering

    College of Material Science & Engineering

    It provides international students with frontier knowledge about high performance fiber, composites, low dimensional materials, bio-friendly materials, and training to handle new processing and scientific research techniques.

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    Chemistry Engineering & Technology

    College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

    It provides industry-oriented training with accent of textiles and related fiber-based materials as well as biomaterials, and is highly relevant to chemical, retail and textile industries, as well as environmental, medical and material science.

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    Environmental Engineering

    School of Environmental Science & Engineering

    It is one of the earliest environmental disciplines established in China, and is in the forefront of the same kind subject of colleges and universities with 211 Project, and is also with distinctive feature of textile.

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    Optical Engineering
    (New Energy Material & Device)

    College of Science

    New energy will be needed to meet skyrocketing energy demand in the worldwide range. We are trying to lead efforts to support a scalable, innovative, clean energy and reliable energy sources.

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    Computer Science & Technology

    School of Computer Science & Technology

    With full consideration of our strength on data engineering and artificial intelligence and the urgent need of industry, special attentions are paid to the rapid growing Machine intelligence and Mobile computing area.

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    Information & Communication Engineering

    College of Information Science & Technology

    The research fields cover wireless communication and remote monitoring, network communication and sensor network, internet of things, coding and information security, image processing and pattern recognition.

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    Electrical Engineering

    College of Information Science & Technology

    The research fields cover power electronics, electric drive, intelligent control and intelligent automation, intelligent information sensing and communication engineering, intelligent decision support system, etc.

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  • Testimonials

    尹扬帆 Mugaanire Tendo Innocent


    Textile Engineering

    Research and innovation are two inseparable attributes interwoven into Donghua University (DHU)’s philosophy of education. Besides the supportive teachers, research at DHU involves using sophisticated equipment in well-furnished laboratories to assist students innovate new materials/systems and provide deep insight into our research works. Depending on the major, graduating from DHU includes at least a publication in a reputable peer reviewed academic journal whose findings continue to positively impact on our beautiful earth. Moreover, DHU college-based conferences, seminars and the summer school where we interact with visiting professors on various topics and themes have been a great nourishment to my career. Through industrial tours and internship platforms, DHU has closely drawn me to industry so I could clearly bring into perspective the applicability of what I study. Thus, choosing to study from DHU is an academic decision I will never regret.

    华承宇 Said Muhammad


    Electrical Engineering

    My university experiences thus far have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things during the graduate period. My classes were great and I enjoy every one of them. The depth and detail of what we learned is far beyond my undergraduate experience. Because of my enthusiastic nature DHU provided me such mentors who helped me to carry out my research field in two major fields related to telecommunication and Control Engineering. My research publications had been carried out in both of fields, which depicts a bright sign of rich research work environment in DHU. I have been benefited by international conferences organized by DHU and as far sports events, DHU also witness the university level as well international sports events. Life at DHU is a great experience that I planned and made the most out of it.

    李保罗 Pavlo Liebiediev


    Chemistry Engineering & Technology

    My research started on DHU Songjiang Campus. With the support from my supervisor who coordinates my project in Spider Silk topic, I can feel the academic environment here is created to make you reach your potential and gain valuable experience. When I just arrived Shanghai, DHU impressed me with great introduction to Chinese culture and provided me with systematic language course for my first year of studying. Besides, cooperation with ICES office brought me a lot of fun. I feel proud of being a student of DHU. And time flies, its already been 3 years. I’m looking forward to finish my Master degree here and continue PhD with a great team of Chinese students whom I became friends with. Thanks everyone who was always helpful and supportive on this path.

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    Songjiang Campus and School of Environmental Science & Engineering

    Dormitory in Songjiang Campus

    (Made by Khalil Ahmed)

    College of Information Science

    & Engineering

    Extraordinary Changes


  • Application Fee

    ¥800 per person

    Tuition Fee

    ¥40,000 per academic year

    Insurance Fee

    ¥400 per semester (mandatory)



    For scholarships: Mar. 31

    Self-funded Study: Jun. 15

    (Sept. intake only)

    Application Eligibility

    Non-Chinese citizen in good health, have a bachelor’s degree, under the age of 35 (scholarships) or 40 (self-funded).

    Application Procedure

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