2 Years' English-taught Master's Programs 


    Journalism & Communication

    ( MJC )

  • Three Concerntrations


    Fashion Communication


    Starting from the discipline of journalism and communication, conduct cross-border integration research on fashion design, fashion art, fashion industry, fashion consumption, etc. The research results meet the development of international fashion cities and other major social needs, including the construction of an international fashion city development index and evaluation system, fashion brand development monitoring database, fashion brand development index, and evaluation system, etc.

    Public Relations & Corporate Communication

    Conduct systematic research on the core theories and typical cases in the process of modern corporate communication and public relations management, provide theoretical support for contemporary corporate communication practices, and cultivate high-level specialized talents. This research direction focuses on public relations theory and development history, corporate communication laws and regulations, news media relationship management, public relations planning and practice, marketing strategies and crisis management strategies, etc.

    New Media Communication


    Conduct research on major issues that, under the influence of new media technology, those related to the political, cultural, technological, and other social fields as well as economic fields, such as production and service, especially focusing on media integration research, network communication practice research, and communication design and applied research, cognitive and interaction design research, new media image communication research, etc.

  • Curriculum



    At least 32 credits should be completed, including 10 credits for public compulsory courses, 11 credits for professional compulsory courses, 6 credits for professional elective courses, and 5 credits for compulsory segments. The practice and intern period shall not be less than half a year. Thesis can be written in the form of theoretical research, investigation report, case analysis, or graduation work design. No paper publication requirements.


      1)   Pre-opening report meeting: 17-18 weeks of the second semester 

      2)   The opening report meeting: the 5th week of the 3rd semester 

      3)   Thesis pre-defense meeting: at the end of the third semester

      4)   Thesis defense meeting: midterm of the 4th semester

    • Integrated Chinese
    • Introduction to China
    • Theory & Practice of Journalism & Communication
    • Research Methods of Journalism & Communication
    • Study on New Media
    • Media Management
    • Policy, Law, and Ethics about Journalism & Communication
    • Academic Writing & Project Design
    • Intangible Cultural Heritage & Communication
    • Public Relations
    • Visual Communication
    • Movie & TV Study
    • Study on Intellectual Property
    • Fashion Communication
    • Social Practice & Exploration
    • Professional Practices & Exhibition
  • Entrance Scholarships, Fees, Application


    Application Eligibility

    Non-Chinese citizen in good health, have a bachelor’s degree, under the age of 35 (study with entrance scholarships) or 40 (self-funded study).

    How to Apply

    study with entrance scholarship or self-funded study

    Learn more here

    Application Deadline

    Study with entrance scholarships: Mar. 31

    Self-funded Study: Jun. 15

    (Sept. intake only)

    Application Fee

    study with entrance scholarship or self-funded study

    ¥800 per person


    learn more here 

    Fees (self-funded)

    Tuition: ¥40,000 per academic year

    Insurance: ¥800 per academic year (mandatory)

    Language Requirement

    At least IELTS academic 6.0

    or TOEFL IBT 80

    Supervision Confirmation Letter

    Not required

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